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Join Us You Can Make a Difference

TMK Charitable Trust is a beacon of hope and support for disabled and needy individuals, dedicated to providing relief and assistance to those in distress. Established with the noble purpose of offering a safe and secure life to the vulnerable, TMK serves as a helping hand for the less fortunate, particularly those living on the streets. Led by the compassionate social worker, M.K Jaleel, and supported by the dedicated efforts of Viji, the trust has been making a significant impact on society for the past 16 years.

2. Our Mission

At TMK, our mission is to create a positive change in the lives of the underprivileged by offering various social services. We are committed to the following endeavors:

  • Empowering Lives: We work tirelessly to empower disabled and needy individuals, helping them lead dignified lives and establish a brighter future.
  • Underwater Gardening: TMK contributes to environmental conservation through innovative underwater gardening initiatives, fostering a greener and cleaner ecosystem.
  • Healthcare Access: We strive to ensure that every person, regardless of their financial status, has access to essential healthcare facilities, thus promoting a healthier society.
  • Sanitation and Housing: TMK is actively involved in providing proper sanitation and housing facilities to those lacking access to these basic necessities.
  • Rescue and Rehabilitation: Our trust operates rescue missions for vulnerable individuals, including children, and offers them a safe haven from life on the streets.

3. Social Commitment during the Pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, TMK rose to the occasion, demonstrating unwavering social commitment. We actively participated in blood donation drives, supporting those in need during their battle with the virus. Additionally, TMK provided shelter and assistance to COVID-19 patients, exemplifying our dedication to the welfare of the community.

4. Disaster Management and Relief Efforts

TMK has proven itself to be a reliable partner in disaster management programs. In times of floods and other calamities, we have stepped forward to provide immediate relief to affected communities, extending a helping hand when it is needed the most.

5. Impactful Undertakings

Under the guidance of M.K Jaleel, TMK has taken on challenging cases, including the handling of 29 deceased individuals in Calicut when other agencies were unable to do so. Our commitment to the well-being of every individual, even beyond their lifetime, sets us apart as a trustworthy and responsible organization.

6. TMK’s Brand Reputation

TMK has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the most trusted and branded charitable trusts in the region. Our continuous efforts in the field of underwater guarding have made a significant impact, and our commitment to social services has touched the lives of countless individuals.

7. Women’s Section and Family Reunification

Viji, a dedicated social worker associated with TMK, oversees the women’s section. We prioritize the safety and welfare of women, providing them with support and care in their time of need. Our trust is also instrumental in reuniting vulnerable individuals with their families, and we work closely with the police to ensure a safe and secure transition.

TMK Charitable Trust continues to march forward, guided by the vision of M.K Jaleel and fueled by the dedication of our compassionate team. Our journey, which began with underwater guarding services, has evolved into a comprehensive initiative to uplift society’s marginalized sections. With our recent web development collaboration in November 2022, we aim to reach even more people, garnering support and resources to further our impactful endeavors.

Creating Safe Havens

“TMK Charitable Trust, a beacon of compassion and hope, extends its helping hand to the disabled and needy. Guided by the vision of M.K Jaleel and supported by dedicated social workers like Viji, we empower lives and establish safe havens for those in distress. With 16 years of unwavering commitment, we have become a trusted name, offering healthcare access, environmental initiatives, and disaster relief. Together, let’s build a brighter future for the underprivileged, one step at a time.”

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